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“Feeling uncertain about whether DE&I includes them is the main reason men say they either disengage or are not as committed to it as others in their organisation” -Forbes

In order for cultural change to truly happen within an organisation, a majority of colleagues must be engaged and feel included. Currently that isn’t happening. Our experience shows that giving men targeted support with their emotional health and well-being benefits an entire workplace. 

We offer that support through workplace programmes on men’s mental health and well-being. We work with businesses through a DE&I lens, using talks, workshops and support groups to open up discussions; finding ways to help male colleagues with the very real emotional challenges then addressing male allyship in the process.

Healthy masculinity talk

The talk engages the audience in challenging discussion about certain aspects of masculine expectation. It aims to help them think critically about their own behaviour, and recognise that they have the power to help their brothers overcome, amongst other things, mental health issues, tendencies for violence and the removal of female agency

Three x Workshops

The programme offers three separate workshops; on empathy in leadership, men’s mental health and male allyship. Colleagues will be challenged to think more about their own difficulties in the modern world, the lived experiences of those around them and how they can develop their powers of allyship.

Men's well-being networks

Many businesses rightly have a variety of working groups and/or support networks, but very few have one specifically for men. We are trained facilitators who have worked to develop those networks within a variety of different business settings. We encourage attendees of our talks and workshops to take the bold step in to men's work.

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Workplace Programmes For Men

Empathy in leadership
Every person within a business is a leader and, from CEO to new starter, each of us has the capability to change its culture. In this workshop attendees are encouraged to engage with the power of empathy, its role in society and how it can inspire trust amongst colleagues. Attendees will be challenged to recognise the importance they all play in creating an open, empathetic, communicative working environment where every person feels seen, heard and respected.
Men's mental health
Suicide is the biggest killer of men under 45. Most often the solution to this problem is identified as men needing to ‘talk more’, but this doesn’t address the fact that most men don’t know where to even start. This workshop challenges the stigma of men engaging with their mental health and attendees are then helped to identify how the external pressures men face are contributing to the problems too many of us experience. This workshop is about starting a discussion around mental resilience, and hopes to shift men away from the archaic notion that suppression is a valuable coping mechanism.
Male allyship
Many men would like to become better allies, but often feel left out of the conversation when it comes to diversity, equality and inclusion. This workshop engages attendees in the importance of allyship by opening up discussions around bystander intervention practices. It will also create an open space for attendees to talk about their own experiences within the workplace and allow for honest reflection on where they would like to see changes within their own behaviour and that of others.

Client feedback

“We found Chris to be insightful and completely different to what we usually see during our speaker events. His honesty opens up the room to an engaging and open discussion around how we can solve these issues going forward”
“Honest, thought-provoking and very engaging. Chris helped us realise how men have a huge responsibility in the journey towards gender equality, and we all have so much to gain from broadening the definition of masculinity in the future.”
“Chris is a regular speaker at our business conferences and we couldn’t recommend him highly enough. His ability to be both engaging and challenging often creates lively debates and further discussion amongst our delegates both during and after his session.”

Read more about founder Chris Hemmings here.

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