Engaging men in cultural change

Men’s mental health, emotional wellbeing & masculinity programmes designed to drive inclusion and allyship within organisations of all sizes.

What we do...

Talks from our professional speakers, workshops and wellbeing networks to help men and boys engage with their emotional wellbeing and to develop their powers of empathy and allyship.


We know these conversations can be difficult and believe men and boys can face that challenge when they are met with compassion and without blame.


We help them better understand the benefit of broadening and embracing our view of masculinity for their own sake and the benefit of those around them.


We recognise proper change in this sphere will not happen overnight and that’s why we work with organisations to enact long-lasting, cultural change. 


Keynote Speaking

We deliver keynotes around the world both in-person and online. We speak passionately on topics such as masculinity, men's mental health and allyship and engage with audiences of all sizes. Our talks can be tailored to suit the specific needs of your organisation.


We offer training programs for businesses and organisations seeking to help male colleagues with their emotional well-being and fostering more inclusive and emotionally intelligent workplaces. Our workshops address issues related to empathy, well-being and allyship, helping teams and leaders become more effective.


We partner with schools and colleges to deliver educational programs aimed at promoting emotional well-being and empathy among students. These programs are designed to equip young men with the tools they need to navigate the complexities of modern masculinity and develop into compassionate, empathetic individuals.

Men's Well-being

We help organisations set up networks where men can gather to help each other through the complexities of daily life. We are trained facilitators who have worked to develop men's networks in a variety of settings and we encourage workshop attendees to take up this work.

One-to-one coaching

Our experienced coaches work one-on-one with individuals to address specific personal challenges and goals. Whether you're looking to improve your emotional intelligence, build healthier relationships, or navigate life transitions, our coaching services provide tailored guidance and support.

Online Resources

Access a wealth of resources, articles, and tools on our website to support your journey towards men and society developing a healthier relationship with masculinity and enhancing men's emotional well-being. Our blog and digital materials provide valuable insights and practical advice.

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