Empathy is a vital skill – helping humans connect to themselves and to the people around them. It’s a key foundation of our emotional intelligence and is hugely beneficial for effective leadership and to help drive cultural change.

That’s why our programmes are designed to actively and compassionately engage men and boys in their own experience of existence and encourage them to take charge of their own well-being. We recognise that it’s only once they’ve been met in their reality that they can be effectively engaged in empathising with others.

We believe too much of the discourse around men and masculinity is demonising, and our vast experience has shown that many men feel society no longer cares about them. We understand that most men want to improve their own well-being, but don’t feel there is a place to start that journey. In turn, they then become disaffected with initiatives to improve the lives of others. We offer that start – and only then go on to encourage them to be better allies for those around them.

M-Path was founded by psychotherapist and former BBC journalist Chris Hemmings – learn more about his journey and why he founded M-Path here:

Our Facilitators:

Chris Hemmings
Founder & Facilitator
Chris Hemmings, men's well-being, men's mental health & healthy masculinity expert


Chris is a BACP psychotherapist and coach who specialises in working with men and boys – focussing on helping them to develop their emotional well-being.

He’s also a professional public speaker and workshop facilitator who founded the M-Path programmes having worked in schools, universities and businesses across the UK and beyond ever since his book – looking at macho culture – was published in 2017.​

He previously spent ten years as a journalist, producing and presenting numerous documentaries on the subject of men and masculinity for the BBC, whilst also writing about it for numerous national newspapers.

Will Adolphy, men's mental health speaker

Will is a BACP qualified counsellor, coach and founder of the 'Men's Programme' - helping men to meet their true self. He previously worked in schools for six years teaching well-being and drama.

He’s been a professional public speaker and workshop facilitator since 2022 - delivering workshops and talks on mental health around the UK. Will also has 350+ hours as a professional student mentor specialising in supporting students with AD(H)D and ASD.

He spent ten years as an actor and artistic director producing, writing and performing in film and theatre.

Dan galbraith
Dan Gailbraith, men's mental health speaker

Dan has been a secondary school teacher for four years. While working in schools he’s developed a passion for pastoral care and working roles specifically helping students to enhance their social and emotional well-being.

He has previous experience facilitating workshops for climate campaign groups, and has worked and volunteered in a range of community-based organisations. He is also a founding director of the ecologically-focused worker co-operative Susdrainable, which has led to him doing further work in schools on the topic of environmental awareness.

He joined M-Path to continue developing his passion for guiding young people towards a healthier relationship with masculinity.

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