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We’ve worked in schools and colleges across the UK and Europe, successfully engaging thousands of young people aged 11-18 with talks and workshops on masculinity, mental health and bystander intervention.

We believe this generation of students are ready to meet the challenge faced by a changing world and we’ve seen first-hand how transformational this work can be when boys are met with compassion and understanding. This programme moves away from blaming and shaming boys - and instead invites them to develop their sense of self.

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M-Path focuses on healthy masculinity and men's mental health programmes for schools

Prices, further information and additional testimonials are available on request. 

What our clients Say

You can also see founder Chris Hemmings’ profile on the London Speaker Bureau or read more about his expertise here.



“A hugely formative experience and one that I will likely never forget about. I’ve now grown to a place where feel I have the tools to work on myself independently and think about these issues with a clarity I do not know if I otherwise would’ve found.”
“There are some moments in your life where you feel you have experienced something that will change your life forever... Chris is the only person who has made me truly understand.”


“Thank you for your visit to my son's school... An important subject delivered in a compelling and accessible manner, prompting much discussion over dinner tonight.”
“My husband was murdered years ago and my son was terribly affected. Today is the first time since then that he’s come home and said he had a good day at school. Thank you.”


“I'm keen to really embed your work and to give it the longevity it needs and deserves. Thanks again Chris, what you are doing is incredibly important and has somehow shifted the students' thinking already.”
“Chris’ unique style left our students inspired, with many actively seeking way to better themselves through impacting those around them. Chris’ ability to challenge yet encourage on such incredibly sensitive yet poignant ideas is the reason we continually ask him to work with our students”
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